Daigu Academic Services & Data Stewardship is a young part-time firm operating in the academic sphere, envisioned and run by Drs. Asel Doranova and Nico Rasters/Doranov (B ICT).

With our diverse background in socio-economics, innovation, technology, climate change, and software engineering we provide administrative support, consultation and research assistance to academic enthusiasts. We also boast the expertise and experience to collaborate in projects such as those in the 7th Framework Programme.

Our academic services include guidance with university applications and the search for funding opportunities. Furthermore, we can be your data stewardship partner, supporting excellent research with excellent data... and beyond. And through our online questionnaire (qRe) and the Tailored Design Method, we make primary data collection possible.

Browse our website for our portfolio, and for more detailed information about all our services. Also do not miss out on our blog dataGnostics, a collection of free articles and scripts.

Kindly note our integrated CSR programme. We firmly believe in improving the quality of life for anyone in our circle of influence. In 2013 we continue to support the Phil Fonds (Philippines), O Sal da Terra (Brazil), Friend in Need (India), KG Dostor (Kyrgyzstan); all small charities -with big impacts!- in developing countries.